Sunday, 16 February 2020

Interesting People

I've been having some medical procedures and physiotherapy on my back since November 2019 so I've slowed down a little in terms of full scale projects with Panda Girl and The Boy to give myself time to recover. They've been focusing heavily on working independantly through their workbooks and textbooks but we did fit in a small study on interesting people. I chose them randomly and have inevitably missed out thousands of amazing people throughout history - so don't judge! We just read a whole bunch of books and broke down their lives into a simple, one page design for each person.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sir David Attenborough

Christine Glenville

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

Queen Elizabeth II

Mary Seacole

Adolf Hitler

Sir David Nott

William Shakespeare

Ellie Simmons

Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King

Florence Nightingale

Judith Kerr

Guy Fawkes

Jane Goodall

Robert Walpole


Louis Pasteur

Jackie Robinson


Harriet Tubman

Abraham Lincoln

Marie Curie

Winston Churchill

Some Extras

Some extra bits and pieces in the lead up to Christmas which I'm only just getting around to posting!

A Taste of History food fayre with English Heritage

Cadet camps

Fifth rugby season for The Boy

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl went to Belgium to represent the UK sea cadets for Remembrance Day

Visiting Commonwealth War Graves in Geel, 

Remembrance Day in Geel, Belgium

National Sergeant's Board for Monkey Girl where she came fourth overall! I now own two Cadet Sergeants :)

Hot chocolate with my people

Panda Girl had a birthday!

She got a new guitar :)

Sunbaby has been growing and learning and blossoming.

The Boy went to Saracens to play at half time.


All five of my cadet people went to Whitehall to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph

Christmas Mess Dinner. How I love these humans.

Mummy time with my Sunbaby

Guitar lessons

Advent and Christmas!

Back to school. 
These two are ploughing on with their US High School Diploma

The Boy has been doing extra workbooks these past few months.

And Panda Girl has six months left with me before she starts her US High School Diploma too.

Taking a break to make a model Spitfire

Hello 2020!