Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Here are Elodie and Lucia's activity books which they have completed this year. They range from dot-to-dot to maths, phonics, counting, motor skills etc. I have found some of the best ones come from France -I have a regular supply from my Mother-in-Law for which I am truly thankful.
The girls have learnt an awful lot from these and watching their progression has been extremely pleasing. I let them pace themselves - on the whole Lucia generally spends a great deal of contented time doing her activity books. Elodie does less work but is more precise and neater with hers. Lucia is very quick at activities such as 'spot the difference' or 'match the pairs' and Elodie is doing really nicely with her addition and subtraction and she enjoys using her abacus.

Elodie's reading books - Primary Phonics. These are great and evolve really nicely.

Elodie and Lucia's Jolly Phonics books

The girls' religion books - Treasure box.

Elodie and Lucia have been poorly for the last few days with a throat infection so we have done a lot of relaxing and fun play. Both girls love their workbooks however and we have spent a fair amount of time on these. Lucia spent over an hour on hers and completed a whole book with me today AND asked for another one!

I set up a mini-gym for them in the living room this afternoon (which is basically all the sofa seat cushions and throws spread about on the floor - a bit of music and off they go!) Lucia wasn't up to much but she did try to teach herself to somersault in the air...

Lucia deseeding Lupin pods and planting them in her flower pot - which she had previously decorated with butterfly stickers.

Dom and Lucia experimenting with glitter, star sequins and blue food colouring water!
This is the remains of our sweet factory. The girls used tissue paper, boxes and playdough to 'make sweets' and then sold them in their shop.