Wednesday, 28 November 2007

For all you Catholic Mummies (and Papas) I have uploaded a few photos of the Faith side of our day. I am hoping to buy a small table where I can permanently leave the girls religious books but, for this week at least, they are out in the living room for the girls to enjoy.

Before we begin work we say a prayer to St Joseph and read today's blessing. I have also started to read a page a day about Guardian Angels.

Our Sacred Heart Statue, minus any flowers (hint hint my lovely husband :)

I am hoping to find a good statue of Our Lady - any ideas anyone...?

The mantlepiece in the girls bedroom where we pray our evening decade. Elodie loves the picture of Our Lady surrounded by the Angels. We also have a relic from Fatima by Lucia's bed which we were 'loaned' for Lucia's operation and until she makes a full recovery.

This is in the girls bedroom - I change the picture regularly - it has some lovely images on it.

Elodie and her friend, both missing the same tooth :)

The girls had some friends over today for some craft activities.

They made bead bracelets and...

...sparkly angels.

'ch' window display.

This was a fun, short project. The girls did some good work, Elodie especially, who is more interested in words than Lucia is. Elodie made a lovely little 'ch' word book as well as all the other bits and pieces shown below.

Dominique was evidently perplexed when her USA themed horses and wagon, which she had played with on a daily basis on the window sill display during the previous project, were replaced with chalk, chickens, chess pieces and a miniature chest of drawers, but she played with it all the same :)

Chinese flags, Chilean flags and chimes

As promised we made a chocolate treat today. The girls don't often eat chocolate or many sweet things- I am a fussy Mummy - so with last week's chocolate log cabin as well they were very chuffed :)

Dom was delighted to be given the task of licking the chocolatey spoon :)

Mixing melted chocolate and rice crispies

Chocolate rice crispy cakes :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Today Elodie helped me to rake up the leaves from our fig tree and sweep the tiles by the front door, while Lucia ran around madly with the dog.

Gymnastics at 2.15 for an hour and another quick run with the dog before it gets dark. Lucia is sad when the sun sets but is coming round to the idea that we need to let the sun go to Australia to help their flowers grow :)

Elodie has some new 'ch' flashcards which she is learning. I also gave her the task of spelling out the words with these plastic letters.

New 'ch' words which we talked about today were cheetah, Chile, China, Chad, chimpanzee, chipmunk and chestnut. They are looking forward to the chocolate aspect of 'ch' which I have promised them tomorrow!

Elodie did really well today piecing the jigsaw 'ch' words and pictures together. She coloured them in and then we stuck them together properly with sticky tape on the back.

Dom wore her chipmunk jumper especially for our 'ch' project

Lucia and I set up the train track 'choo choo'

Monday, 26 November 2007

Today was the first day of our new project - the sound 'ch'.

I set up the display last night with various pictures or objects beginning with 'ch' including: chimney, chairs, cherries, chips, cheese, chalk, chest of drawers, chickens, children and chess.

My online shop arrived and the girls had a cherry smoothie while they worked. Lucia played with the chess board and then we made...

...pom pom chicks...

...cheeping chicks and chickens...

...chalk pictures...

...and cheese pizzas for lunch

Say 'cheese'!