Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Today was beautiful. We went to our local Forest Centre for a long walk with the dog. Lucia commented on the silence and we all had a good look at the cloudless sky.

Lucia wading in puddles.

Dom and Lucia. Dom grinned the whole time :)

Italy window display

Our Italian friend, Maria Rita, taught the girls an Italian song and dance:
"Batti le ali, muovi le antenne, dammi le tue zampine!...

... e vola di qua, e vola di là canzone della felicità bom bo bom bo!!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Thanks to our Italian friend, Maria Rita, the girls have learned to count to 1 - 10 in Italian:

After lunch today Elodie worked on her maths book and Lucia had fun with an African Safari sticker book.

This morning we looked at images of the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica and Pope Benedict which the children cut out for their Italian workbooks.

Following on from this we discussed a stained glass window of the Holy Spirit which is above St. Peter's Chair in the Vatican.
And then we made some stained glass windows...

Dom painting an elephant stained glass window.

Lucia working hard.

Hanging in the window.

This afternoon, after gymnastics, we bought 2 rainbow trout for dinner. The girls, as ever, wanted to help me cook...

Monday, 14 January 2008

This morning we looked at Rome. We talked about how it was built before Jesus was born, about the beautiful buildings and the Colosseum.

The girls had a go at Roman Numerals, we looked at some Roman mosaics...

... and then the girls had a go at making some. Elodie chose to do a butterfly and Lucia asked to do a turtle. I drew the basic outline and off they went. We did this on the floor to get a feel for making real Roman floor mosaics.

Half way...


Elodie's Roman mosaic.

Lucia's Roman mosaic.

Working on their Italy workbooks.

Dom at Playgroup this afternoon. Po.

Elodie word sorting this evening.

Papa doing the washing before bedtime ...