Saturday, 1 March 2008

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Todays' work: making a jigsaw, a mobile, sea vocabulary, sea stories and beginning letters.

Sea face painting. Ballet Girl asked to be a mermaid...

... and Monkey Girl asked to be a pufferfish!

Playing 'beach' outside in the stones.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Some seafood we have eaten during our project. The girls are asking for crab next which they haven't tried before. My husband is a seafood fan so the children also enjoy mussels, oysters and cockels.
When Ballet Girl's first tooth fell out she asked if she could buy Papa a rainbow trout with her tooth fairy money. The second tooth bought squid which she loves. All 3 girls love the fish counter at the supermarket. I am not a fish fan so I have to smile sweetly and cook all this food for my fish fanatics without giving away the fact that Mummy does not like it!

The two eldest did some lovely work in their ship's log. Today we travelled South East (progression from our normal N,S,E,W), to Australia. The Great Barrier Reef was an obvious place to go and the girls recorded some of the things they saw.

Today's worksheets.

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl's turtles.

This afternoon we looked at how to use a compass. I found the girls using it later trying to 'find their way' on their hobby horses.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Sea books. We have been working our way steadily through these. We have also been singing lots of sea songs...

When I was one,

I'd just begun,

The day I went to sea.

I jumped aboard a pirate ship,

And the Captain said to me

We're going this way, that way

Fowards and backwards over the Irish Sea

A bottle of rum to fill my tum

And that's the life for me!

Sea stamps. The girls made some lovely sea pictures and got very inky in the process :)

Making waves.

We did a Float or Sink experiment. The girls guessed what they thought would happen and Ballet Girl recorded our findings.

I put Boogie Beebies on the lap-top and the girls practised their dance moves for the Ocean Motion:
Do the ray fish
Do the tail swish
Do the jellyfish
Do do do do do the Ocean Motion.....

Sunday, 24 February 2008

On Saturday my wonderful Husband took us all out for a yummy meal.

On Friday, I made a last minute decision and we went to the play gym. A nice break from work and some good energy spent!