Thursday, 6 March 2008

The girls made these Rosaries last year. As a family we only say a decade together as the children are still quite young. Today was a good opportunity to discuss the whole 5 decades, the Mysteries and the reason why Our Lady urges us to pray the Rosary.

Today we learnt about St Dominic of the Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima.

Panda Girl's beautiful colouring.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

This week we started a new project about Our Lady.

Firstly we talked about St Anne, Mary's Mummy and then how Mary was a good girl, and helped with all the housework. We spent a long time looking at and talking about the Visitation. The two eldest also drew a picture of what they thought Our Lady may have been doing when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her.
(Monkey Girl's colouring picture)

We discussed how Mary worked really hard and how maybe she was doing a daily chore when the Angel Gabriel visited. It seemed fitting that we all have a go at some tough housework. They cleaned, 'ironed', washed, scrubbed, dusted and swept -maybe we should do this one everyday!

Cleaning the walls.

And then they made bread. Monkey Girl had fun poking it, as you can see.

They listened to Ave Maris Stella while they kneaded away :)

The girls' bread. We ate it with our lunch (saving some for Papa at his request) and it was yummy!

We discussed the Nativity and how Our Lady looked after Jesus like all Mummies do. (Ballet Girl's picture)

And then we looked at the Assumption. We discussed how Mary is the Queen of Heaven. The girls made her a beautiful crown (designed by Papa and decorated by les filles). (Ballet Girl's picture)

The girls love these books - gorgeous pictures.

The two eldest made stained glass windows of Our Lady and the Baby Jesus.

We said a 'Hail Mary' and gave these tissue paper flowers to Our Lady.

Also today Monkey Girl did some sorting, all three listened to a Postman Pat story-tape...

...and Ballet Girl had great fun with number rods. She was so imaginative.  Great visual tools.