Sunday, 23 March 2008

Alleluia Alleluia let the holy anthem rise
And the choirs of heaven chant it
In the temple of the skies
Let the mountains skip with gladness
And the joyful valleys ring
With Hosannas in the highest
To our Saviour and our King

Alleluia Alleluia He endur'd the knotted whips
And the jering of the rabble
And the scorn of mocking lips
And the terrors of the gibbet
Upon wich He would be slain
But His death was only slumber
He is risen up again

Alleluia Alleluia like the sun from out the wave
He has risen up in triumph from
The darkness of the grave
He's the Splendour of the Nations
He's the lamp of endless day
He's the very Lord of Glory
Who is risen up today