Friday, 4 April 2008

Today we went to a 'Craft Morning' at our local library. The girls did some great work. We zipped around the market and then went to the park.

The girls' work.

Pic-nic lunch.

Plasticine bugs.

This book is fantastic! The girls loved it!

Butterfly face-painting request.

... and Panda Girl asked to be a ladybird :)

The girls spent all afternoon outside...
Thursday, 3rd April 2008

In their jim-jams this morning making things at their 'Creation Station'.


The girls' 'Shape Shop'.

This afternoon, after a fun trip to our friend's toy shop and then a great walk to the park, Ballet Girl set up a drawing table for her sisters...

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

This evening I set up a 'Creation Station" for the girls to have fun with in the morning... wish me luck clearing up...

This morning the girls did some spring finger painting. They made caterpillars, butterflies and blossom.

My Panda Girl.

Finger painting pictures.

Our caterpillars have turned into butterflies! We gave our pom pom caterpillars wings today...

We made a blossom tree! (An old branch covered in sparkly things).

Monday, 31 March 2008

First thing this morning while the girls waited for their porridge they made some pom-pom caterpillars on wooden pegs. Panda Girl loved hers very much :)

Caterpillars made out of hearts and a dragonfly made by Monkey Girl.

Panda Girl had great fun playing with the rice today. She made me lots of '"ice cream" :)

I gave the girls lots of letters and they had to find and write their names. Monkey Girl found and stuck all her letters in a bizarre order but her name came out perfectly and she was very chuffed.

We made some fab curly butterfly headbands.  Monkey Girl wore hers all day. Panda Girl told me hers was blue. She also counted to ten today which I didn't realise she could do! (She can count in Swahili too!)

Insect words books.

After lunch we went to the library for some spring books (and about 35 bedtime books!)

This afternoon the girls planted the flower seeds they chose from our local garden centre.