Monday, 7 April 2008

This morning I discovered Ballet Girl had changed Panda Girl's nappy and was in the process of choosing her clothes and dressing her, tights et al.

The result!! 

Monkey Girl has spent a great deal of time recently teaching Panda Girl how to play catch. Panda Girl thinks it is the most fun thing to do ever :)

The girls' peas are growing so well I have transferred them into a larger pot.

Ballet Girl spent the day today with Nanny M to give her a change of scenery, before term-time activities re-commence.  Monkey Girl asked to do some painting so we made symmetry butterflies, where she painted one side and then folded it over.

Monkey Girl's symmetry butterflies.

Monkey Girl's writing practice. She made a lovely book about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Panda Girl did some glueing today and then, no kidding, spent AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES peeling it off her fingers. She was so, so quiet!

New story tapes. They love them!

Monkey Girl beaded a caterpillar using a fluffy pipe cleaner and green beads.

The finished caterpillar complete with half-eaten leaf.

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl spend most of their spare time doing lots of boy things two houses up the lane with their little friend. They spend a great deal of time digging up this patch of earth, or laying bricks. Today I found them hammering nails in to bits of wood and raking mud.

It must be so lovely for Ballet Girl to know that when Papa comes home he will be able to fix her bike. And he did - first thing! :)

We woke up on Sunday morning to a beautiful white world. I personally was woken by the sound of lots of squealing and small children running round throwing on hats and gloves...