Monday, 21 April 2008

This morning the girls made fruit kebabs.

Caribbean fruit kebabs!

I wrote a book for Ballet Girl and she read it and drew appropriate pictures. Big reading progression today :)

Today's worksheets.

Monkey Girl made a Caribbean island out of plasticine :)

At Playgroup this afternoon. I face-painted them before we left:

Playing in the garden before dinner. I put on some great Caribbean music in my studio (at the bottome of the garden) and the girls had a good dance. Here they were practising their gym tumbling :)
Friday, 18th April 2008

Papa has had a whole week off work this week so we had a day off today, although Ballet Girl did paint a big Caribbean picture.
Thursday, 17th April 2008
Lots of worksheets today, including a story written by Ballet Girl about the Caribbean.