Friday, 2 May 2008

My Darling Panda Girl playing with the dinosaurs.
Today I took the girls out to buy one more dinosaur each to add to their collection. Ballet Girl was delighted to find a pink T.Rex.

I ordered a dinosaur egg for the girls. We put it in water and waited...

When the girls came down for breakfast the next day it had begun to hatch - they were so excited.
Referring to our books we have decided that it is a baby brontosaurus.

Ballet Girl's new vocabulary which she is using to make sentences and dinosaur stories. Monkey Girl is learning them too.

I told the children that we were palaeontologists on a dinosaur dig in South America. I hid some cotton wool buds in some sand and gave the girls a pot and paintbrush each, telling them to be extra careful not to damage the bones.

We took the 'bones' back to the museum and reconstructed the dinosaurs we had unearthed :)

Working hard on their dinosaur worksheets.

I have discovered a cool way to encourage the children to eat their greens! I sewed baby spinach leaves onto a thread and hung it up, telling the children it was a tree and that any passing stegosauruses (stegosauri?!) were welcome to munch on it. All three girls had a fine time crunching away! :)

Over the past 3 days we have put a second layer of papier mache on our dinosaur eggs, painted a base coat and then added a brighter top coat of paint. Hopefully this weekend Papa will be able to varnish them.

Monday, 28 April 2008

This morning we used balloons to make papier mache dinosaur eggs. We made the glue with flour and water and we all got very, very messy!

Dinosaur eggs, waiting for their next coat of papier mache.

This morning, of her own accord, Monkey Girl referred to this book to work out which colour her brontosaurus should be in her colouring picture.

These are from a jigsaw but I covered the radiator in them for the girls to look at. They spent a great deal of time today working out which one they wanted to be.
Monkey Girl also spent a great deal of time today being a dinosaur egg (!) so we had some quiet for a time. :)

I set up a dinosaur land, complete with tunnel and cave, for the girls last night, for when they woke up this morning. Lots of ooohs and aaahs about the new dinosaur window display and then squeals when they opened the front room door :)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Fresh air time was during a downpour so the children kitted themselves out in suitable attire and went off to find some puddles.

Panda Girl :)

The girls had a trip to the dentists to have their teeth scrubbed and polished. Papa took them and we promised that if there were no tears, we would take them, as a special treat, to Activity Land. They were good, came home with sparkling white teeth and so Mummy made a pic-nic to take to Activity Land... We had very tired children by 5pm...

Rock climbing :)

Digging for Dinosaur bones with Papa.

Panda Girl learning to drive.

The Caribbean window display