Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Monkey Girl put her toy dinosaurs into size order.
Ballet Girl read and illustrated her dinosaur book and did some more work for her T.rex project (learning that the name means 'tyrant lizard king')
Later I weighed the girls and we did comparisons between them and the dinosaurs. It would take 383 Elodies to weight the same as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, 95 Lucias to make a Stegosaurus but only 2 Dominiques to make a Coelophysis!

My Panda Girl sorting colours.
Today Panda Girl went to her first ever gymnastics lesson. She loved it so much that she grinned for an hour. :)

Making a sponge cake for...

'Bella' the Stegosaurus cake :) It was yum!

Monday, 12 May 2008

This morning we used our Dinosaur Fact File to work out the lengths of different dinosaurs. The girls loved this activity and we all got a little blown-away with the size of a T-rex!

Ballet Girl working out where the legs would be on a Triceratops.

Our dinosaur memory/concentration game.

Today's worksheets: we used pentagons to make stegosaurus plates; Monkey Girl did some great addition on her own and Ballet Girl started a mini-project on her favourite T-rex.

Dinosaur books we have been reading.