Friday, 20 June 2008

France window display
(a mini, week long project for my half-French children )

We got some great French books from the library. This songbook is our own and the children were able to sing quite a few with me as they have a large collection of French nursery rhyme cds they often listen to in the car:

Savez vous planter les choux, a la mode, al la mode. Savez vous planter les choux, a la mode de chez nous.

We had a fun discussion about French cheeses and which part of France they originate and which animal they come from. They all have a particular awareness of this as Monkey Girl has a mild intolerance to cow's milk and so drinks goats' milk.

Ballet Girl's croissant.

Croissants and chocolate milkshake for breakfast - very French :) 

I have changed the layout of the girls' desks and have had a very positive response. The girls have been working very hard. Ballet Girl has done some great writing work this week.

All 3 girls made their own Croque Monsieur for lunch. Panda Girl was proud of her cheese tower.

Monday, 16 June 2008

What better way to start our French project than have a mini French pic-nic? We had a fun time in the supermarket first thing looking for all things French. I got some funny looks in the alcohol aisle when the girls started yelling "Mummy is this French wine?"
I am sensing a croissant breakfast later in the week...

The Tricolour flag :)

We discussed how the names of countries always have capital letters. They each drew a capital F and then pieced together the letters.

We looked at a map of Issigeac, the village where Papa's parents live in the South of France. We found Nanny Flo's house and figured out the best way from there to the village church.

...and then Mummy and Ballet Girl made La Tour Eiffel!