Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Autumn walk. You can't beat it :)

Autumn mud stomping.

Making a playdough, matchstick hedgehog.

Autumn vocabulary, bookmarks, mazes, a bit of maths and some leaf identification worksheets :)

Panda Girl - a hibernating bat.

The Star Apple story and our leaf experiments (how long does the leaf take to fall when I drop it?, how many coins are needed to sink the leaf?, how long is the leaf?)

Autumn craft for the two littlest.

Collecting leaves for our leaf colour chart.

Panda Girl's 'match the scarecrow' work and the two eldest's cocktail stick hedgehogs.

Autumn bingo.

Apple bobbing (a lot of giggling).

Our leaf colour charts, foil leaves, leaf rubbings and a bit of fun.

A bit of Pirate Fun
My scary pirates.

First mate Panda Girl

Looking for treasure.

As of September 1st 2008 we have been following a curriculum based on Mater Amabilis, a homeschooling website for both UK and American pupils.
Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl are, so far, enjoying themselves immensly and our 2 years of thematic units seem to have put them in good stead for learning. It is a little less work for me as I am now expecting baby number 4 and my evenings are now for sleeping!!
However, we do plan to keep a healthy number of thematic units flowing throughout our school year. Watch this space!!

Making fairy cakes for Aunty Grace's and Uncle Thomas' Birthdays.

The finished product. Ta da!

Pic-nic in the park. Ballet Girl had just recovered from chicken pox, Monkey Girl had it and Panda Girl was just about to get it. The joys of infectious illnesses.

Painting an icey scene with cling film and acrylics.

Working hard :)

Our end of Summer treat: Boogie Pete Live at the theatre!!!!

Picking blackberries - yummy!
I have been an absent, poorly, pregnant Mummy but I am ready to update my blog!!