Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Firework and skyline pictures with glitter pens.

Firework pictures in a sparkly frame.

Before things got messy! Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners!

Firework pictures with shiney, glittery, sticky things :)

Firework pictures with magic pens.

A Day in the Life of Panda Girl.

People often ask me how I keep Panda Girl entertained while the other two work. She often joins us at the table with colouring pens and pictures to colour or stick or sometimes she uses the opportunity to play with her big sisters' toys. Nearly 3 now, she has gymnastics lessons once a week and Playgroup twice a week. Next month she will be joining her sisters at their weekly Storyclub and will also be commencing Trampolining lessons, for which she cannot wait!

We had a well-earned half-term break last week. Lucia made a fabulous papier mache Apatosaurus...

...and we had a lovely time catching up with friends.

Autumn window display.

Monkey Girl's fingerprint hedgehogs.

Panda Girl painted a beautiful leaf mobile.

Singing in the rain :)

A favourite from last year. The girls painted 'Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater' cutouts and relearnt the poem.

Our Autumn collection.

An Autumn crossword.