Monday, 8 December 2008

Playgroup Christmas Party. Ballet Girl and Panda Girl take to the dance floor early.

Monkey Girl loves craft. She spent the rest of the day covered in glitter.

" Panda Girl would you like Ballet Girl to go with you?"
"I do it on my own"

Delighted Monkey Girl:)

Ballet Girl's turn :)


3 Happy Ladies :)

Starting off the day with a bit of craft. Panda Girl's snowman is top left :) And some snowflakes by the 2 eldest.

I printed out and large collection of Christmas worksheets and activities for the girls to do. They have sped through them.  Panda Girl is learning the idea of mazes and her concentration is amazing!

Wrapping 'Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh' for the Baby Jesus.

All done.

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl made some lovely jig-saws and Panda Girl placed the shapes on their matching space.

Dominique pairing up halved Christmas cards.

Playgroup Christmas Service.

Some gluing work. Panda Girl did so well!


...and more parties.

The Arctic and Antarctic window display

Some of the girls' worksheets they completed for their Polar project. We had out first look at similes and acrostics and a introduced the idea of an alliteration.
They also had fun with snowy watercolours, mazes, listening work, questions, a venn diagram, vocabulary and word searches, a Favourite Arctic Animal survey which they asked all their friends and a good look at Polar Bears (in captivity, their paws, food, fur, cubs etc)
We spent a whole morning learning about Emperor penguins in the Antarctic. They then dictated their own story to me about the life of a Mummy, Daddy and chick Emperor and we had immense fun using bean bags as penguin eggs and trying to pass the egg from 'Mummy's' feet to 'Daddy's' feet without dropping it on the ice. The girls spent the rest of the morning role playing with their cuddly penguins (I confess to having a huge and pointless collection of cuddly penguins. :)

Making Polar bears...

Polar bears...

I glued magnets to the back of these pictures and using the radiator as our world, the girls had to decide which Polar animal belonged in the Arctic and which belonged in the Antarctic.

Igloos made with icing sugar and sugar cubes.

Our Polar reference books.
What else have we been up to?

Is Papa in need of a son? He made the girls some great swords. Panda Girl ran around with hers waving it and shouting "Sword sword! Poke poke!"

Out for a hot chocolate with Nanny and Grandad and Aunties and Uncles.

Helping Mummy :)

The girls spend hours at their desks. They are always so busy. What will I do if number 4 is a boy?!

Walks in the woods.

Ballet Girl helping Mummy get the garden ready for winter.

Fireworks window display

The best Papa ever :)

Sparklers! Can you beat them?!