Saturday, 5 September 2009

We are enjoying our text books suggested by the Mater Amabilis curriculum. The girls have been working on:

Music, Picture Study, Reading and Writing, Maths, Earth Geography, Family Geography, Mapwork, Art.

As of the new term all 3 are doing weekly Gymnastics and Trampolining lessons and the 2 eldest also do Ballet and Piano lessons.
My 2 eldest girls, Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl (now 7 and 6) have rapidly progressed with their reading this year. They are both so excited by the fact and have read 'The Gruffalo' so many times to eachother, to themselves or to friends that Panda Girl (3) knows most of it by heart now :)
I'm back! I return to my blog after the birth of my beautiful darling son and a rather difficult year including 15 weeks on crutches, my husband's 5 month redundancy and the tragic death of his dear brother.