Thursday, 8 December 2011

Today:  Dentist's first thing and then some good school work (Maths, Science, Handwriting, English & Music History) followed by a bit of Christmas craft :)

 The Boy loves cooking and stirring things for me while I'm in the kitchen. This evening I let him make his very first cake and he was delighted to learn that this wasn't just a bit of fun with flour but was actually going in the oven.  He did a smashing job :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Our 'thank you' tree...

...snowflake beading and pipe-cleaners...

I love this one: from DLTK I printed out the camel and King shape and we cut out the inside shape to create a 'hole'.  The black is sticky back plastic which the girls then used to stick on their design.

I asked the girls to use black left over card shapes to make a Nativity Scene.  It got them thinking... This is Panda Girl's version.

I made the girls a snowy scene and gave them 200 foam snow stickers.  Silence!

The girls sewed themselves some decorations.

We celebrated St. Nicholas' Day with friends.  St. Nicholas put in an appearance too :)

A Winter Walk

The Boy's Playgroup held a Christmas Service.  Monkey Girl was a willing Mary....

...The Boy was a less willing shepherd.