Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Today I have three poorly children.  We did, however, make Regency bonnets and learnt the basics of the Napoleonic Wars.  After lunch the Girls did some solid English work, Faith Study and Panda Girl finished her reading book, but only Monkey Girl was well enough for her two dance lessons and gym class this afternoon.

With three under-the-weather kiddies, today was mostly about resting.  The Boy started a jigsaw craze which lasted on and off all day...

                                                   ...Panda Girl and Monkey Girl joined in...

...and by 6pm they had completed 29 jigsaws :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ballet Girl started the day by baking a banana bread with The Boy.  She knows this by heart now and is a great teacher to her brother.

Panda Girl has been slightly off colour since the weekend.  She is a little fragile but enjoyed creating a scene for the Regency teddies she made earlier.

Monkey Girl had fun making Regency style fans and hair clips.  

Before afternoon work-time the girls donned their home-made Regency costumes and copied some Regency dances from the internet.

The Boy decided not to take his afternoon nap so we interrupted our Picture Study work to wear him out at the park.

...and then dried out on the sofa with popcorn and Regency favourite, Pride and Prejudice. :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

To kick-start our Regency Period Unit the girls made some gorgeous Regency silhouettes, complete with ribbons, bonnets and cravats.

The Boy got busy today.  Monkey Girl made him a box robot which he painted blue...

... he made some yummy fairy cakes for morning snack ...

... and some pesto twirls for dinner.  Good job Baby!

We learnt a little about The Holy Grail last week.  Panda Girl made a papier mache chalice which dried over the weekend and which she painted today.