Tuesday, 31 January 2012

 This morning we looked at George Stevenson's 'Rocket' and the very beginning of the railways.  The girls did some extracting from sources and compared maps of railways in the British Isles from William IV to early Victoria.  They enjoyed a station role play game I set up and The Boy was in train heaven for a good while :)

The Boy's rice-pouring machine

Biscuit fun

My crazy Monkey

Sewing downtime

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sir Robert Peel formed the Metropolitan Police in 1829, in the last year of George IVs reign.  Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl spent the morning learning the basics of forensic science while Panda Girl did a fun police project.

After lunch, they set up their Police Incident Room, complete with wanted posters, an Emergency Call Room and Forensic Kit.

Trampolining lessons before dinner and then they finished off the day with friends :)