Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Piano lessons first thing this morning, a few errands run and then the kiddies made heart and flower-shaped jam on toast for an early lunch. Yum.

This afternoon consisted of phonics and genealogy, thematic worksheets and learning about tracking and trailing.  And then 3 hours of Modern Dance, Tap Dance and Gym classes for Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl; Gym class for Panda Girl and Swimming for the Boy.

Today the Boy did some colouring, water play, and had fun with his tools, cars, bugs and  train set.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

While the girls delved into their work this morning, the Boy had a bottle of milk and read some books to his beloved Blankey Blue. 

 He joined in when we made some fun Valentine gifts of lollies wrapped in Bible quotes.  I found this idea on the net and they loved it.

 We decorated a box for the lollies, ready to hand out.

The girls changed their 'Feelings' Chart to 'shocked' and 'surprised' because Mummy NEVER lets them have lollies!!

The girls each made a countdown to St.Valentine's Day with a heart paper chain containing a psalm or a Bible quote.  Each day they take off a heart and read their quote.  I got this cool idea from  

Lunch break:  Monkey Girl made a mini snowman.

 Tuesdays we focus on Picture Study.  We looked at work by Wassily Kandinsky and Victor Vasarely.  and for our follow-up art work the girls did some symmetry painting.

No after-school clubs on Tuesdays so we get to spend time with friends.  This is especially awesome when friends have electric motorbikes :)

The Boy did some bug investigation before bedtime, complete with important goggles and magnifying glass :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

This started out as a heart-snake craft I created for  the Boy's Playgroup, but the girls got carried away with it and made some awesome stuff :)

 I thought a week long countdown to St. Valentine's Day would be fun.  I plan to do lots of 'Jesus loves me' type work and talk about feelings and emotions, the importance of love and (nearly!) all that goes with it.  I collated lots and lots of fun printables and made 3 workbooks each, for them to do over the coming week for whenever they feel like some sit-down time.  We started the week with some craft.  I gave them instructions to make a 'love plant' and here's what they came up with :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Our Saturday was spent with cousins, aunts, uncles and a lovely Nanny Mo...

and Sunday was spent with great friends, in the snow.

The Regency Period and William IV

The girls finished off our Regency week with  the rest of their worksheets and some good core subject work

The Boy met Elmer the Elephant on Friday.  A good way to end the week :)