Wednesday, 22 February 2012

After piano lessons this morning we set up a farm..

...with straw bedding...

...a pond...

...some cow milking (butter and cheese making)...

...egg collecting, horse riding and sheep shearing.

In the afternoon The Boy had a good nap so we knuckled down to some Earth Geography, Maths, English, Science and World Costumes. Then it was books away and dancing shoes on for Tap Dancing, Modern Dancing and an hour of Gymnastics each.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We started our Farm project during the half term last week, with some plaster animals.  This particular thematic unit is aimed more at The Boy(2) and Panda Girl (6) but the other two are enjoying themselves too :)

The Boy loves scissors - just trying to teach him what he can and can't actually cut...

Farm Shop

 Books for the Boy and Panda Girl

The Farm that Grandad made

The kiddies each bought something fun from our local Farm Shop this morning.  Monkey Girl spent the day munching through carrots.

 February: a week after the snow melted, and suddenly we're apparently talking no coats and a pic-nic lunch.  True Brits (with a bit o' French :)

Making butter with Uncle Anthony.   A good excuse for some loud music and a bit of jumping.

Shrove Tuesday = Pancakes!!  And when Mummy's brother is visiting it's just completely awesome :)

I have 3 exhausted daughters after they completed 12 hours of rehearsals on Thursday and Friday and then 4 full ballets and 4 tap dancing shows over the week end.  I witnessed some of the back-stage frantic costume changes, including my Panda Girl changing from Fairy to Christmas Tree in seconds and my two eldest changing from tap-dancing Pyjama-ed Girls into Rockin' Robins  - and with over 60 children performing, the organisation and production was no mean feat.  They performed beautifully and I was a very proud Mummy.