Monday, 19 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day!  We learnt all about St. Patrick and the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

 The Victorians

We completed our Victorian theme with an introduction to the British Empire and how it had been evolving since Tudor times.  The girls worked steadily on their Victorian packs and have learnt about Victorian fashions and houses, inventions, school life, Florence Nightingale, work houses, children's work laws and education laws and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Being a Victorian inventor.  Ballet Girl invented a hearing aid/megaphone/hat!  Monkey Girl invented a flour pour-er for use in the Victorian kitchen and Panda Girl invented a 'sucker maker' which has no apparent use.  It did, however, cause us all to fall about laughing for ages, Panda Girl included :)

Fresh air :)

My Baby turned three last week!  He is just so delicious and is thoroughly loved by us all :)  He got some wonderful cooking equipment from his Aunty.  Boy does he love cooking!