Monday, 28 May 2012

We're studying Habitats which fits in perfectly with our fabulous weather and lots of field trips :)  We visited a local pond on a relaxing evening walk with Papa...

We investigated the field behind our house for rabbits.  The children took along their clip-boards and we looked for likely predators, burrows, droppings, fur, food sources, shelter etc.  

Field trip #3.  A silent wildlife watch.  In the allotments in our village we listened and hunted for wildlife we might not normally spot on our daily walks.

Panda Girl made a desert poster and Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl made brochures for tourist offices to entice people to the desert.  They had to make them as interesting and as informative as possible.

Field trip #4 was pond-dipping.  

My DARLING Ballet Girl turned 10 this month.  I can't quite believe I have a 10 year old.  She is such a gorgeous thing and I am so blessed.  She had a lovely sunny Birthday with lots of friends over for Birthday Tea.  I love you Poppet :)