Monday, 1 July 2013

A Play and a Treasure Hunt

After a lovely weekend with friends in the sunshine we were back to business.

The girls did a play about Christopher Columbus.  They were so enthusiastic :)

The Boy worked hard today...

Tallying dice throws.

To end the day he made a pirate map and Ballet Girl helped him climb the volcanoes, traverse through the yucky mucky swamp, sneak past the giant crabs...

...through the tall trees...

...and through the long grass (I suggested this part as he made his map, and while he was busy climbing the volcanoes - also known as 'the stairs' - I ran into our field next door where the grass is super tall and hid a treasure box with gold coins in the tree trunk of our favourite tree. He had no idea and thought he was just following his own map.  He was utterly delighted when he actually found treasure :)

Explorer work :)