Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  

I used this idea from Catholic Icing last year, but created my own version and explained it all in more depth with the children this time.

I love this idea :)  We have stored our Alleluia until Easter Sunday...

Panda Girl's Lenten promise is to "wash up the breakfast things every day to stop your hands crumbling Mummy" (I have sore hands from washing up so much - oh I love my children!)

For our alms giving we have made a Valentine's basket for our elderly neighbour who recently lost her husband of 57 years. The Boy made her a paper aeroplane :)

Finally completed after a few days work, the snow table and chairs were put to good use at snack time.

After some English and history we experimented with melting crayons.  Ideally I wanted this to be done in heart-shaped tins for our St. Valentine week, but round ones will do for now.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Last night I spent a little (i.e. a lot of) time preparing this week's unit: St. Valentine's/Jesus Made me Special/Lent - all rolled into one :)  I used some of our display things from last year and created some craft ideas for them to copy and for them to get cracking on before we got dressed for the day.  I loved some of their own creations and we had a great day!   

This is how I spend my evenings :)

And we also woke up to five inches of snow.

The Boy did 17 pages of his activity book today.  Monkey Girl worked on singular and plural pro-nouns, her 8 and 9 times tables, her crossword book and her new Deadly Sixty Activity book which I ordered for her and which arrived today.  She knows every animal fact going, that one :) 

Potato printing for two littlies to do in the morning