Friday, 22 March 2013

I wanted to start Holy Week early with the children to give them time to absorb it all, ready for next week, when we will be on Easter break. Here's a little of what we've been up to:

Ballet Girl experimented with silhouette water-colour painting.

Monkey Girl mixed water colour and oil pastels.

The Boy knuckled down to some Easter worksheets I made for him.

Palm weaving

The Boy used some Holy Week stickers to create a picture.  He was sad that Jesus was hurt.... he gave Jesus some bread... :)

Panda Girl made this wreath

And Monkey Girl made this one :)

 The Boy goes to pre-school and Nursery twice a week.  His sisters joined him for an Easter-egg hunt at his little village school :)

What better way is there to spend an evening but to make word-searches...? :)

Scratch crosses

Cute stained glass window pictures made by all four

 I made myself snigger with this one...

...but the kiddies loved making them!

 Eggs and chicks to symbolise 'New Life'

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A few extras:

 The two littlies experimented with bicarb and droppers filled with vinegar.  Of course one must wear goggles at all times if you are experimenting :)

Weighing household objects, comparing and understanding grams and kilograms

 Online maths

 Obligatory cupcake decorating

 The Boy and Panda girl chose some toys to freeze overnight....

...and then had huge fun the following day smashing the ice and 'saving' the toys

 ...they especially enjoyed using droppers filled with hot water to melt the ice.

 Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl made a solar system for their bedroom...

And then my wonderful, awesome son turned four!!

 Due to the incredible generosity of a few people I was able to get him an Octopod for his Birthday.  'Delighted' was an understatement.

We are still having snow but we are making the most of it when the sun shines!

St. Patrick's Day

The Normans and The Feudal System / and The Middle Ages

Later on in the year we will visit a castle to round off this unit, but for now we've had a great three weeks learning the ins and outs of the Feudal System and its beginnings; the three stages of becoming a knight and their duties, jousting and the origins of Heraldry; the structures of castles and fortresses and defending and attacking; and Medieval life for serfs, knights, nobles and royalty.  It was a unit all four children enjoyed due to the vast array of resources available on the subject and the blossoming interest my youngest son is developing in all things castle-related.  
A few Medieval craft ventures: