Monday, 13 May 2013

Maths!  My dreaded subject!  How do I make the kiddies enjoy it?  I've pondered this one for a while now, having spent years just ploughing through workbooks with the kiddies and often asking Papa for his expert help.  More recently I decided that we should may be attempt to love it so we're doing a whole thematic unit on it.  I thought: games, hands on, activities, interactive, books, drawing, team-work etc and may be we'll grasp some new concepts and even have fun while we're at it.

Here's how it went today :)

All ready for the morning:

Snakes and Ladders for breakfast.  Three kiddies were playing this in their dressing gowns this morning.

Books to explore

These have been invaluable over the years.  A gift from a good friend, and well used.

I made a few worksheets for the boy.

 Learning about the history of numbers.

Weighing and balancing

The Boy did so well today.  He conquered writing the number 4 AND the concept of adding.  He was thrilled.

Maths games

Ballet Girl did a mini-study on planning pathways and flowcharts, and the other two did some shape work.  We also did some poetry work, where this term, the two eldest are breaking down the poems and looking at rhyme schemes, narrative and lyrical and re-telling or point/moral-based poetry.  Ballet Girl completed her map-work book; Monkey Girl continued with hers, and Panda Girl did pages and pages in her literacy and numeracy book :)  The two eldest both finished their Spanish books while the two youngest took a break before all four went to their trampolining lessons. A constructive day :)

Our Spring project was cut short after my father died unexpectedly and traumatically a few weeks ago.  The children have spent the past two weeks enjoying time with Papa while I have attempted to get my head 'round things.  We did, at least, have a colourful notice board to look at everyday :)

Panda Girl's cute life-cycles.