Monday, 20 May 2013

Practical Maths

I finally have a new printer so I might not need to spend hours making my own worksheets!  But these were kind of fun :)

Sorting.  This has passed down between all four children and each have highly enjoyed/benefited from it.  An awesome gift from Nanny about nine years ago :)

This Boy loves to cook

Online maths

Taking a break from the maths and decorating socks...

Matching numbers.  The Boy has mastered his numbers 1 - 10.  Good job Pumpkin!

This is a brilliant book, demonstrating the size of 10, 100, 1000 and 1,000,000,  The fold out poster has a million stars on it and the children were fascinated by how much a million really is!

Pouring salt.

I always know The Boy's experimenting is getting serious when he pulls out the goggles.

The children have had a lot of fun working through various maths puzzles, following instructions, working with calculators, protractors, measuring tape, scales, nets of shapes, rulers etc.  It's been such a refreshing change from workbooks.  We've been outside and hopping around the house, at desks, on the floor, on the computer, team-working at the table and using objects from around the home.

The Boy was instructed to build a tower taller than himself (with a little help from Mummy).

Learning about grocery shopping and budgeting.

Origami.  The children do enjoy this as Papa is an origami-wonder.  This week they've made pigs, a boat and a bird.

Stealing ideas from these fabulous books.

Our weekly library trips where we are notorious for taking out 50-60 books a week.

Measuring the length of a 27 metre diplodocus.