Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tudor Money and a Writing Certificate

Tudor house designs by Monkey Girl and Panda Girl

The Boy made some Edward VI coins

...and then he helped make a Tudor money bag :)

Panda Girl made her own coins and money bag which she loved.

At nursery, The Boy 'wrote' a cute poem using a poem template and his own words... and won himself this :)

Cooking dinner

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shakespeare, Tudor Ruffs and our Favourite Great Aunty from Oz!

Shakespeare: the girls learnt a little about the play-write in crosswords, a study of sentences in the English language we now all use, his birthplace, date of birth and death etc.  This year we studied 'The Tempest' and so it tied in nicely with our Tudor study

Having mastered his numbers 1-10, The Boy is now progressing his letter work.

Our Tudor display so far.

Great Aunty Tishy visited from Australia - one must look out for such visits with binoculars.

Stories with Great Aunty Tishy  :)

The two eldest answered these questions today after working on the Reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries.

Tudor ruff

Tudor rose

Library books

The Boy and King Henry VIII

Having moved to our new house last autumn, our garden is continuing to surprise us with its loveliness, this summer

An evening walk before bedtime.