Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Let the Holidays Begin!

Making elf homes at the park.

Watching endless sunsets at the end of our garden.

Our favourite up and coming photographer, Uncle Thomas.

Papa built his long awaited fire pit.

...and Mummy has been RELAXING!


A sprint through the sprinkler: trying to carpe diem, but secretly/or not so secretly detesting it.

Mastering the art of chess

Reading in the climbing tree pod

Meeting Nanny's new puppy.

 Gardening with Nanny.

Garden cinema

Strawberries growing in the garden

Messy play with soap and shaving foam

Monkey Girl made peppermint creams

Collecting grass seed for a few bare patches in the garden.

Explorers and Pirates 1400AD - 1600AD

We've finished!!! We have just completed our seventh year of homeschooling! 

We ended with a unit on Explorers and Pirates 1400AD- 1600AD.