Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Beach Holiday in the Medieval Town of Rye Harbour

 I took the children on a beach holiday last week.  We stayed on a nature reserve: Wow, it was stunning and refreshing and SUNNY!

The Dartford Crossing which spans the River Thames: worth the traffic jam waiting to get on, just to see my Boy's face.

A mile walk to the Beach.  My little man walked the whole way there and back on his tiny legs.

A quick stop at the Nature Reserve Information Centre

World War II bunker.  I have the bruise on my head as proof of its low doorway.  Clever.

Heart = melted.  My Boy drew this portrait of me in his holiday book (writing aided by Panda Girl) and I dissolved a little inside.

We visited the sandy beach 3 miles away and spent two days catching freckles.

Back by our caravan Monkey Girl gasped "Look! Ragwort! Let's see if there are any cinnabar moth caterpillars on them!"  There were.  Lots.  This girl knows her stuff.

A visit to Rye Harbour town.  An anchor from a shipwreck found off the coast of the town.

Watching a show in the Heritage Centre about the history of the town.  

Tudor houses and cobbled streets.  I love my country.

Panda Girl delighted us all by discovering not one, but TWO hermit crabs.  Monkey Girl was beside herself with excitement as she came tearing up the beach to show me, trying valiantly not to spill her bucket of sea water sand and crab. :)

Ballet Girl made a shark boat for her brother.  He found lots of treasure sailing around in it.  Of course.

Bedtime in a hot caravan, or cooling off on the doorstep and drawing the seagulls?  No contest.

Crayon Painting, Aussie Cousins and Beautiful Sunsets

An early morning crayon painting moment

My awesome cousin and his fiancĂ©e visited from Australia.  I think they brought the weather with them :)

The sunset was too beautiful to not let the children enjoy.  I tumbled them back out of bed and they ran in the field in their jim-jams :)


The children were kindly given four peacock caterpillars.  They (the caterpillars) ate nettles and have now turned into chrysalides. 


Cherry picking.  We picked A LOT, and the children took three punnets to the local retirement home and also a bowl full to Nanny.  Ballet Girl made the yummiest cherry crumble and we still have three bowls full in the fridge.