Friday, 6 September 2013

All Ready for Monday and the New School Year!

I've done heaps of re-organising over the summer.  Our classroom has a new pink (woah!) fireplace, tiles instead of carpet and a few extra bits put in place to facilitate learning and encourage a happy atmosphere.

Our timeline remains intact, ready for this year's additions.

All our text books and reference books are stored here.  I love this bookcase.

My two eldest will be doing lots of independent learning this year.  Their workbooks are placed so they can choose whatever takes their interest.

Mummy's cupboard, cleared out and re-stocked.

I sharpened a million pencils today.

 And the play area is also ready for action.  I took all the reading books off the children's bookcase and made them more accessible to the two youngest.  It meant shifting toys 'round, but now everything is within reach and won't gather dust, unused.


The End of Summer

Last few days of a brilliant summer holidays.

Splash park, cousins, pic nic and sun :)

Chalk and oil pastels.

Painting on dark card.

Our newest pet, Danger Mouse.

And our old and most beloved hamster, Peanut  Butter.

 Wow - the butterflies laid a million eggs on our turnip plants in our vegetable patch and we've been fighting a losing battle with caterpillars.  We finally got netting, although it was too late to salvage the turnips, but The Boy was thoroughly delighted to see his radishes have survived.  He even did a radish dance.  I have big plans for sowing in March next year but in the meantime we should have carrots and peas for Christmas.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Magic Path

We have been blessed with the most fun garden and in the year that we have lived here, we have spent many hours moving plants, recycling bricks and tiles we have unearthed, pruning, planting and re-organising the flower beds.  The best part is that most of it has cost us nothing at all  

This afternoon, with the last sunny day forecast for our brilliant summer holiday, I spent a while making a magic path for the children, through one of the flower beds.

 The path itself is made of old tiles we discovered during a dig close to the house...

...and along the path, hidden in the plants, I've placed fun things to spot... old chimney pot left in the garage... old pump that my neighbour was throwing away...

... a discarded blackbirds' nest found in Nanny's garden...

...a nest of uber cool stone eggs...

...and my favourite flower pot which was broken during last year's house move...

...containing our collection of unearthed pottery.

My favourite Sea Cadets

Crumble Queen

First thing this morning I wandered sleepily downstairs to discover my bright-eyed and bushy tailed 11 year old drying up.  "Are you ok, Honey?" I asked. "Yes", she replied. "I've just made a plum and blackberry crumble".  I love that independence!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Mini Garden Makeover Moment

We spent a lovely afternoon in the garden with Papa who worked super hard creating a new flower bed at the top of the garden and transferring all the plants from an old flower bed at the end of the garden to the new one.  Here are our before and after photos :)

Visiting an RSPB Lodge

Bird watching in an RSPB bird hide.  We spotted a green woodpecker, greater spotted woodpecker, pheasant and grouse.

Watching carp

We spotted a newt and an ENORMOUS dragon fly.