Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Peanut Butter

Our brilliant hamster, Peanut Butter, died today.  She made it to the grand old age of two after living splendidly in her superb three storey mansion, much loved and cuddled by all the littlies.  The children's Uncle died tragically four years ago and their Grandad unexpectedly in April this year, so they are aware of death in many respects, but telling the kiddies after I found her this afternoon and seeing their reaction brought a lump to my throat.  Bless them all.


Sorting snakes.

Scissor practice... make bookmarks.

Making rainforest bugs out of play-do and an old insect game

And then off for important rainforest exploring.  Photos courtesy of big sister.

Important rainforest tumbling

Maths with Papa.

Helping Papa make a fence for the compost heap.

And we finished off the day with tap dancing, modern dancing, gymnastics and swimming.  
Good night!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Glittery Snake and More

The kiddies worked extra hard today and I was proud of their diligence.  Good job minis :)

The Boy started with glitter this morning, making a rainforest snake which we have hung in the window.

We are discovering things all over the house actually come from the rainforest.

The Boy's thumb-print rainforest bug picture.  He especially enjoyed making leaf-cutter ants.

The Girls experimented with dot art today.  I love the work they produced.  Here is Ballet Girl's snake.

This is Monkey Girl's bushbaby.  

And I helped Panda Girl with her parrot shape although she did all the dots herself. To be continued...

Tuesdays are also for Picture Study.  We looked at a Madonna and Child sculpture by Michaelangelo, The Naughty Boy painting by Hubert Von Herkomer and The Child's Bath by Mary Cassatt.  The kiddies observed and answered questions and then used watercolour to produce their own splashy, watery, bubbly painting.

The three girls also studied Spanish, English, Science and Maths today.

The Boy helped Mummy make a shepherds pie for lunch

And he worked well on his numbers...

...and science, where he talked about sounds, listening and musical instruments.

This afternoon The Boy helped Papa build a fence and this evening Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl have gone to Sea Cadets, learning how to iron their new uniforms before they left.

Monday, 9 September 2013

First Day Back to School!

Woo hoo.  Back to school.  The children were scurrying about this morning, super excited to start work, which was the loveliest thing.

We are looking at 'The Rainforest' for our theme this week and I have also adjusted our daily timetable to allow the two eldest to work on their own for a couple of hours each day doing their autonomous learning, giving me more time to spend with the two youngest.

Our rainforest books and puzzles.

 I set this up for the kiddies to do first thing after they'd got dressed and made their beds. It caused a few giggles.

I created a Rainforest folder each which they can work through over the next few days.  

 Monkey Girl identified food and products around the house which can be found in the rainforest.

A few masterpieces

After lunch the kiddies play outside.  I joined them in the field for a while and we picked blackberries

The Boy then made us a delicious crumble with some windfall apples and our fresh blackberries.

After-lessons painting.

Trampolining lessons re-commenced this afternoon.  Half an hour to myself = bliss.

Pre-bedtime board game

Cookies by Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl.