Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Face Painting Larks

First things first:  rainforest face painting by Ballet Girl:

Sorting rainforest animals

 Panda Girl coloured a map of the world to show all major rainforests and then used the map to locate and colour in the rainforest areas on the globe (whiteboard pens I love you).

We have rain!

Making a picture using only three types of shape.

Panda Girl and Mummy taking it in turns to read Dr. Suess.


Swimming, gymnastics, tap dancing and modern dancing.  That's how we finish our Wednesdays!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Rainforest fruit kebabs.  Yumma.

The two littlies made a rainforest-in-a-bottle.  Having discussed the water-cycle yesterday, they waited enthusiastically for the bottle to 'rain'.  It duly did by lunchtime and they were thrilled.  

Ballet Girl's home-made bread, ready for lunch.

Our picture-study book...'s study of paintings of faces inspired us to make bright, unusual portraits using shapes and oil pastels

The kiddies also worked on Science and Spanish and then we took the afternoon off to visit homeschooling friends and their adorable puppies :)

Tuesday nights are also for Sea Cadets.  Expecting two tired girls home soon :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Drawing on Windows - because we can.

The Boy started the morning drawing on the window.  He drew rainforest bugs with white board pens because it is way cooler to draw things that way.

We talked about the rain cycle and he made some cute raindrop people for our rainforest display.

The two youngest learnt Silly Old Baboon by Spike Milligan...

...and played a maths game to help The Boy with his numbers.  

Making bread.

The kiddies had trampolining lessons and then we seized the day and went kite flying before bedtime.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

'Secret Agent Sock - Also Known As Mr. Collins'. Beat that for a hamster name!

Our beautiful new baby hamster.  The children have named her 'Secret Agent Sock -Also Known As Mr. Collins',  A normal hamster name then.

Uncle Thomas :)

The Boy made these cute bug finger puppets...

...and a matching pairs game, of which he was extra-proud.

 Last year we studied 'The Tempest'.  This year we are studying this!

We are half way through his book and it is brilliant!  

Hot chocolate in the pub.

Making liver casserole with Papa.