Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pumpkins and Oak Trees

Bats painted with cotton wool buds

The Pumpkin Patch

We read a book The Little Oak Tree and then we discovered this beautiful oak tree in the field next door. 

Out with friends

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Studying on the Floor

Pumpkin fun. 

Playing cards - rummy and snap were today's favourites.

Sometimes the only place to get things done is under the table.

Panda Girl loves Hello Kitty.  Today, because she's been so lovely, she was rewarded with a Hello Kitty cupcake pack.  Easy to make, not that healthy, but good for teamwork and good for fun.

After the Boy's nursery the children caught up with friends at the park and then The Boy spent 3 hours at home with his friend on a playdate, where he helped her make a pumpkin face, a 'doingy' spider,  a firework picture and showed her how to flip paper-plate pancakes in Mummy's frying pan. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Leaf Lacing

The Boy loves to have something set up to do on his desk first thing in the morning.  I set him out a leaf lacing  card (here it is after he'd completed it).

I sleepily took this next photo, from the warmth of my bed early this morning.  My Boy had dressed himself and snuggled in with Mummy for cuddles before we laced up the leaf together.  What a lovely way to wake up :)

Apple pie slices. The boy had to find objects in the house which began with these letters.  

Identifying fungi.

 Firework Chinese lanterns

Firework fun

Leaf identification

I love these children.

Testosterone fuelled letter practice.

Tissue paper and paper plate apple cores (with sunflower seed pips)

Paper plate hedgehogs

Later the Boy went swimming with his good friend :) and the girls went to gym, tap and modern dancing.  

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Toadstools and Molehills

Toadstools.  That's how we rolled this morning.

And spiders and pumpkins.

And decorating a mole hill.

The Boy did some charting...

...and placing...

...and counting.

'Stained glass' window leaves.

Busy hands... make an Autumn scene.

The Boy made an Autumn loom.

Autumnal clay.  The Boy made the hedgehog, Panda Girl made the lovely leaf candle holder, Monkey Girl made the squirrel, fox and owl heads and Ballet Girl made the leaf and bat.

After making the hand-print owls yesterday I dried out the baby-wipes the children used to clean their painty hands and today Panda Girl used them to make a play bonfire.

 Alphabet bingo.

And then we went to the library and took out 57 books. :)

And tonight the girls have football training at Sea Cadets. Fun!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Autumnal Kilos

The Boy and his sisters, and Autumn pairs

This was a hit.  Selling apples by the kilo in the farm shop: a happy hour's worth of role-playing this morning and both Panda Girl and The Boy learnt about kg and adding smaller or larger apples to make whole kilos.  Our wonderful neighbour even paid a visit and bought 3 cooking apples for a real 50p.  The kiddies were delighted.

The two littlies made an autumnal sensory jar.

...while the two eldest chose some stick projects from this wonderful site:

They made magical woodland staffs.

Monkey Girl made a nature mobile...

...and a walnut boat.

I love these next few photos; trying to read a brilliant book while next door's cat vies for affection.

The Boy made a fingerprint tree for his woodpecker poem.

Hand-print owls

Autumn stories

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl also worked on their Maths, Nature Study, English and Spanish.

And Mondays afternoons are for trampolining lessons and a hot chocolate and sit-down for Mummy while she waits :)