Wednesday, 6 November 2013

At The Movies

Today my Boy made this cute stop-animation movie about The Great Fire of London.  Good job little man!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Visiting the Library First Thing in the Morning. Because We can!

This morning we visited the library.  

Books for our thematic unit.

On our return The Boy requested some train track time.

The kiddies did some great work today and they didn't finish 'til 4pm.

In Picture Study we looked at moving figures and had a go at drawing without lifting the pen, like Paul Klee's work.

The Boy looked at sources of light in his Science work and made a mini display.

Panda Girl finished this book today.

And Ballet Girl learnt how to make shepherds' pie.

This evening these two had to be ultra-ready for Sea Cadets and:
 "Ceremonial Divisions - TONIGHT

Best Blues, all personnel to be onboard by 1900."

Love them!

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Great Fire of London Facts, Stories and Poems

The Boy started the day role-playing as a rat, passing the Bubonic Plague to anyone nearby.  Always a good way to start the week.  :)

Great Fire of London sensory tray.

When my two eldest were two and one, I re-painted for them my old doll's house, made for me by my grandfather.  It's in Tudor/Stuart style so we used it today for our work on the Great Fire of London and the loss of over 100 000 houses.

The Boy kick-started the day with some letter work.  He knows all but six letters of the alphabet now and I'm impressed with his clever work as I didn't intend for him to learn his letters so soon.  I followed his lead and his interest and hey presto - here we are!

Opposite his beloved big sister, Panda Girl.

Painting silhouettes of burning London

The Boy requested more painting time so he experimented with water colour and osmosis.

The two eldest focussed on creating a character about whom they could base a story on the Great Fire of London.  They initially used  thesauruses to gather words about what they would smell, touch, hear, see, and taste during the fire.  Then their character came to life with a drawing and adjectives for clothes, facial features, personality, likes, dislikes, position in society etc.  With all their ideas ready to go, they then created a story each.

Monkey Girl learnt how to draw St, Paul's Cathedral. 

Monday's poetry work had to be about fire!  Papa is home so The Boy and Papa worked together on his ideas about fire and London.  

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl drew from their recent work on narrative and lyrical poetry and chose rhyme schemes to complement their ideas.

Everybody produced lovely poems and finished it off by creating artwork in their poetry books using coloured pencil.  This is my favourite medium and I showed the children how to blend and use colours to create vivid pictures.  They even got to use my expensive and most precious pencil set :)

Panda Girl used vocabulary sheets to help with her spellings. She worked hard on this, racking her brain for interesting and rhyming words.  Here's her brilliant poem:

Orange, yellow, red, black,
Thick smoke on my back.

Hot fire, rising heat,
Ash and embers burn my feet.

Crackling wood, crying tears,
Flames whooshing around my ears.

Papa and The Boy explaining poetry ideas.

And the day ended with their weekly trampolining lessons at the local leisure centre.  Roll on tomorrow :)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The House of Stuart and Pudding Lane Bakery

Returning to our House of Stuart theme we are looking at the Great Fire of London this week.  We made our own Pudding Lane Bakery and the kiddies got baking.  

We used play-dough instead of real dough to allow the children to role-play and make a mess.  They spent almost three days playing with this!

The End of Our Half Term Break

The two eldest joined their Sea Cadets for litter picking the morning after Bonfire Night.  Papa and the two littlies joined in too and they all spent two hours clearing up our beautiful country park.  Good job family!

Making a magical tree with colourful chalk.

Cousin time.

Newest, delicious cousin.

Snakes & Adders.  The kiddies made some brilliant boardgames, courtesy of the Forest Centre

Intrigue in the morning...

...the kiddies thought I was slightly insane but they did enjoy cleaning the floor with their socks!

We took teddy bears on our walk across the fields, through the woods and back home through the village.  

This little man made onion soup.