Friday, 22 November 2013

Well, Hello Friday!

For some melting ice/water fun I froze some toys overnight in a tray of water...

....originally planned just for The Boy, all four eventually joined in saving Sponge Bob and Barney from their frozen nightmares, using pipettes and warm water.  It later developed into ice carving and tunnel making through the ice.  You will be pleased to know that all toys are now warm and dry and back in their toy box.

Learning about osmosis through play.  We've covered osmosis a fair bit before but it's always a good way to end the week.

Please note all important goggles.

The Boy finished his week with a play-date with a most favourite friend.  The two eldest had two hours of ballet and  the two youngest spent a while jumping around in their new onesies.

Papa is finishing his week with friends, beer and a bonfire.  

Me?  I'm wearing the most comfortable socks known to man.  Amen.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jeanne d'Arc, Erik Satie And Shakespeare

Today, while the Boy was at nursery, our ongoing study of the history of England took us to the Battle of Agincourt, the end of Henry V's rein, the beginning of the baby Henry VI's rein and the return of the French crown, courtesy of Joan of Arc.

We laughed at some of the names of Erik Satie's pieces of music and we listened to his piece Things Seen From the Left and Right Without Spectacles

After weeks of reading snippets of a children's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream and keeping them in endless suspense (lots of squeals and pleading for more), we finally finished the book.

Monkey Girl asked to be face painted as the magical forest...

...and Panda Girl asked to be Queen Titania.

Having seemed to engage the kiddies in the story itself we had a look at the actual play and the two eldest learnt some lines.  How cool to hear one's children reading Shakespeare!

Inevitably the face paint stayed out and a few dolls got a makeover... 

Of course Panda Girl painted a panda face, complete with black ears et al :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Few Mad Scientists

Science experiments were the way forward today!

 The children learnt how to make each test fair (e.g. same equipment, environment, timing etc).  We began with cutting apples and exposing one to air, one covered in salt, one in vinegar and one in freshly squeezed orange juice, to see how quickly each one turned brown...

For each experiment the children used clipboards to explain the experiment and record their findings.

Experiment #2:  Spinning one boiled egg and one raw egg...

We discovered that the raw egg continues to spin even after it is stopped because yolk carries on spinning inside.  We talked about how this applies to ourselves when we spin in a circle and get dizzy, or when the car brakes hard and we move forward in our seats.

Experiment #3:  The Boy drew a cool picture of Papa...

 We stuck Papa to the bottom of a glass and put the glass upside down in a bowl of water. The air inside the glass... 

...stopped Papa from getting wet!

Experiment #4:  We froze salt water and fresh water to see which froze first.  We learnt that salt makes it hard for the water molecules to freeze together and so the fresh water iced over much quicker than the salt water.

Experiment #5:  Learning how different and individual and uniquely awesome everyone is.  We did lipstick lip prints, fingerprints and teeth marks in play-do.  The Boy did not really suit lipstick and the Play-do tasted yucky but we discovered that although we are all from the same family, we are all different.

The two eldest girls used bits and pieces from the kitchen to create their own experiments, following the 'fair' rule.

The two littlest were delighted to find out that pumpkins actually float.

They tested other fruit and vegetables in the bath and everything floated apart from the pear.

We followed up the floating pumpkin experiment with a fun video of a pumpkin boat race.

And then the two youngest made their own pumpkin boats.

After lunch the kiddies donned their superhero capes and we went for a walk/fly over the fields.

We found a big rabbit hole...

...and an enormous mushroom.

Having blown away the cobwebs we got back down to the business at hand.  This little man is now an alphabet whizz.

Panad Girl wanted to do her maths with a feather pen and on a book rest.

Noughts and crosses

And the most brilliant part of the day was The Boy showing Papa he can read three pages of his first ever book!  SUCCESS!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Superior, Supreme, Sparkling, Splendid, Stupendous, Super & Sublime Science!

Science!  Panda Girl is celebrating her 8th Birthday soon with a Mad Scientist Party so I thought we could gear up for it and have some science fun.

We got some great books from the library.

Chemistry facts to learn in a week

My Scientist Boy.  His task was to smell objects around the house and tick or cross depending on whether he liked the smell.  This Boy LOVES to smell everything.  It was probably the best task I could have ever given him.  We may have to do this every day. Always. ;)

Making Albert Einstein

Being Albert Einstein :)

Time for some experiments...

We used droppers to make pretty colours in milk, then used a cotton bud dipped in washing-up liquid to make the colours swish away.  

Fun with glycerine, washing up liquid and water.

Monkey Girl had to look into the bubbles with her goggles. 

I have little to do with the two eldest's weekly science work as they work on it independently 2-3 times per week and Ballet Girl surprised me when she exclaimed that she knew all the work I gave her to do.  Good!

Spanish, Grammar and Maths.

After trampolining lessons Panda Girl had a bit of fun with chocolate sprinkles.

The Boy went to his best friend's party on Saturday. I do love my son :)