Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent and Christmas. And So It Begins.

This little man has tickly feet, especially when Mummy paints them :)


 For Advent the children are trying to do as many kind deeds as possible.  For each good thing they do they get to put a cotton wool ball in the crib (aka plastic box) for the Baby Jesus, in the hope that by Christmas Eve He will be warm and comfortable.

What Can I Give Him?  Give Him My Heart

The Boy made a cute, fluffy bauble for the Christmas Tree.

Clear sticky-back plastic inside a Christmas tree frame makes a fun sticking activity. 

Making mince pies

(with a few jam and lemon curd pies too)

I checked on the kiddies during outside play time and found all four of them in a tree :)

 Tuesday afternoons are for libraries :)

Monday, 2 December 2013


This year our plastic dinosaurs discovered Dinovember - a cool new craze sweeping the dinosaur world where the dinos don't return to their toy box before morning but instead leave various parts of your house in a bit of a mess, every night for the whole of November. We managed to take some photos as evidence and here they are.