Friday, 13 December 2013

A Day of Christmas-Making-Madness

Panda Girl received, amongst other things, a piping bag for her Birthday.  Monkey Girl is a little crazy about piping bags; probably because she's never had one, has tried valiantly to make one and has seen all the uber cool things one can do with one.  So the only thing to do was let her and Panda Girl have the run of the kitchen to test out the amaaazing piping bag.  :)

While the other girls made cakes, my eldest cleaned out the mouse house and the hamster house, cleaned out and dusted her room, and vacuumed upstairs - because she wanted to. I'm planning on an early retirement. 

We made a cute sparkly sort of tree today using rainbow explosion paper....

...pine cone Christmas trees...

...and Christmas puddings...

The Boy made a snowy scene...

Ballet Girl and Mummy used spray paint to make this...

...and The Boy chose and glued all the buttons on his snowman.

Panda Girl made a Christmas hat...

...Monkey Girl created this brilliant snowman decoration...

...and gradually the classroom became more and more chaotic!

The Boy made a 'holly grabber'.  I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but here is the finished product.  He was very proud.

Monkey Girl inevitably made a beard.  She does like to make the odd moustache and beard.  This one came with rose-tinted glasses.

Panda Girl spent a while transforming into Santa

...while Ballet Girl stitched a Christmas bag for her friend.

Finally our silver spray-painted pine cones completed our wreath.

We cleared up to the Benny Hill theme because it makes us work extra fast (!) and we finished the week with two hours of ballet lessons.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Birthday Sort of Day

This beautiful one had a Birthday today. This is her at the exact hour & minute she was born, eight years on.

We celebrated with a trip out for hot chocolate and toasted sandwiches...

 ...and some festive fun

I love you so much Darling.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Oranges and Sticks

Yesterday I cooked and dried some orange slices...

...and Papa drilled some holes in some sticks.  
Sounds like an odd day...

...but we did it so the children could make these cute Christmas decorations today!  They even have little bells on and they smell awesome too.

And then we used ribbons and the remaining sticks to decorate a tree in the garden.

This afternoon we took out 50 library books, took our car to the garage to watch our two front tyres get changed, Ballet Girl wrote a beautiful Christmas story, Monkey Girl read for hours and this evening Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl have gone rock climbing. All in a day's work :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Advent Fun

The children have been designing these sweet mini stockings

I can't remember where I picked this up last year but it's a lovely, simple daily task sheet to prepare for Christmas

 I dug out our Reasons to Be Thankful poster from last year and we have started a new one for this Advent too.  Monkey Girl is thankful be getting to be alive and I love that!  

Spray painting.

Learning how to make play-do with Mummy

The children then used sweet wrappers (kindly donated by chocolate fan, Mummy) to make their own sweets with the play-do.  The Boy opened his own sweet shop and made a fortune I believe.

Mummy and The Boy made a massive bauble.

The Boy made this adorable sheep....

...and everybody had a go at making a beautiful moon for Santa silhouettes.  

Today The Boy finished his first ever book.  He was utterly thrilled!

Panda Girl received this wonderful gift for her Birthday so we chose a Jack Frost poem from it for our poetry work today.

After trampolining class today the children discovered an enormous pile of leaves...  Monkey Girl accidentally brought an awful lot home in her hair. :)