Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Mess Dinner and Strawberry Santas

These two went to a Black Tie Mess Dinner with the Sea Cadets.  In bed by midnight - wow, when did that bit of growing up happen?!

The other, smaller two made Strawberry Santas. Fun with a capital F!

 Panda Girl produced a brilliant plate of strawberry and cream santas....

The Boy ate most of his during the making process and also added a fair bit of 'snow'.

Then it all went slightly bonkers; everything was eaten and the leftover cream was used to make 'ice cream and coffee'.

Without prompting my two littlies then said "let's wash up for Mummy!"  They did a super job.  Gosh I love my children :)

Monday, 16 December 2013

One Week To Go!

One week until Christmas!

The Boy had a play-date with his friend first thing this morning and they did some important Christmas painting.

Yesterday The Boy and Papa made a Christmas bauble with bicarb, water and food colouring in preparation for today, so The Boy and his play-mate could use pipettes of vinegar to fizz it all away!

Big sisters are there to read stories.

I had some paperwork to do this afternoon and the kiddies worked so hard on their own with their workbooks.  The Boy occupied himself with Lego, painting and some activity books and we all had a brilliant, quiet afternoon in the classroom.

Trampolining lessons this evening.