Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Yarn Snakes and South African Chicken Marinade

If you couldn't have a lie in because you had children to home-school and, worse, there was no chocolate in the house, wouldn't you begin your day making yarn snakes with the kiddies too?

More painted flags to add to our map.  Looking good kiddlets!

Ballet Girl's Africa pencil drawing.

Monkey Girl prefers to draw in biro.

The kiddies have given themselves Swahili names for the week.

A trip to the library: even more African books to enjoy.

I love this little safari dude.  And those busy dudettes behind him.

Making a chicken marinade with this South African recipe.

We listened to some superb African drumming and the kiddies took some time out to make their own drums and percussion instruments.

Ballet Girl started a book about Africa. 

As did Monkey Girl.

This afternoon was for creative writing, maths, faith study, swimming and gym.

A few amazing drawings by my four year old.  Amazing because I am biased, but also because they are amazing.




See? Amazing!