Monday, 29 September 2014

Leonardo's Trebuchet and a Kingdom of Your Own.

We learnt how during the Renaissance years, the kingdoms, duchies, city-states and republics that made up what we know today as Italy, were in constant fear of attack from their neighbours.  Leonardo, offering himself as a military engineer to Ludovico Sforza, ruler of Milan, designed weapons, fortifications and military machines.  Many of his designs are used today: tanks, temporary bridges, life preservers and the step ladder.   He continues to amaze us!

 So Papa made a trebuchet!  Because he can and because he's awesome.

We used marbles, dice, lego and bouncy balls to work out which went the furthest and which was most effective at knocking down fortresses!

Two kiddies built a fortress and two kiddies, using our calculations for distances, fired the trebuchet and eventually successfully demolished it!

The children then designed their own duchies, republics or kingdoms.  They had some great ideas for peaceful living, generous laws and eco-houses.

After lunch the two littlies studied The Three Foxes by A.A. Milne and the two eldest spent the afternoon making an educational video about Iambic Pentameters, which they are learning about in their poetry work.  It was awesome.  I just need to fit it all together so I can post it on here!

We finished the day with trampolining!

Ballet Girl spent the weekend sailing on the lakes and passed her Level 1 Power Boating Course.  I am a proud Mama!  She is at Sea Cadets this evening with her Royal Marine Sergeant Papa.