Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Two Trojan Horses, 9 Goals and a Vole

This morning the two youngest and I took our elderly neighbour to a hospital appointment. They were so well behaved and chatty with the other patients in the waiting room.  I was very proud.  

The two eldest stayed at home, made a Trojan Horse, wrote a story and drew a poster for the RSPCA.

After lunch, Monkey Girl found an injured vole.

She made a warm nest for it, with the help of her siblings.

And used a cotton wool bud dipped in warm salty water to clean its wound.

After leaving it to rest with food and water for the rest of the afternoon, she released it back into the field. Good girl!

This little dude had a mini football match during training today and his team won 9-0.  Oh, and guess who scored ALL the goals..!

Today also included Science, English, Grade 3 Ballet for Panda Girl and Intermediate Foundation Ballet for Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl.