Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dinosaur Musings

Dino pairs / snap game

Number pegging for The Boy.  He's learning his teen numbers now.  Good job dude.

Inventing your own dinosaur

The Boy began painting his dinosaur egg after a 24 wait for the papier mache to dry.

Dinosaur footprints

I love this little chap.

Our amazing dinosaur puzzle.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Papier Mache Dino Eggs

The Boy began the day making a papier mache dinosaur egg.  He got super, mega, uber-gluey.  We are hoping the egg (papered-balloon) will be paint-able tomorrow.

The Palaeontologist returned for further excavation work.

Sometimes one has to work on the floor.

Learning to take-away.

Almost at the end of his book.  Clever sausage.

I run out of printer ink at the most inopportune times.  Home-made dinosaur worksheets for The Boy.

Sea Cadets with a handsome Royal Marine Cadet Instructor Papa.  I do like my family :)

Monday, 6 January 2014


Back to School!

Dinosaurs!  What better way to start 2014?

While the girls worked on dino lap-books, The Boy got all kitted out to become a Palaeontologist.  I buried some cotton wool buds (bones) in sand and he flew in on his aeroplane to inspect potential fossils.

Carefully excavating the bones...

...he identified them as belonging to a brontosaurus.  What a find!

 Big feet, mini arms, scary face = T-Rex.

Our bone finds.  What a collection.

Our afternoon progressed to Poetry, Maths, English and Nature Study...

...but the Palaeontologist was never far away. 


6th January 

The Epiphany

The Magi are filled with awe by what they see; heaven on earth and earth in heaven; man in God and God in man; they see enclosed in a tiny body the One whom the entire world cannot contain.

Hello 2014!

2013 was a tough year in many respects but it has made me stronger and a little bit wiser and hopeful for a blessed 2014.  We saw in the New Year with lovely friends, our kiddlets stayed up 'til way past midnight on a fun sleepover with their friends and we spent New Year's day recovering and napping and recovering and napping.  Napping is always a good way to start the year I think.

Papa returned to work and we had a few fun days catching up with friends, enjoying the last of the Christmas activities and Mummy did a lot of housework ready for the new term.