Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Trip to the Museum

Today was an outside sort of day.  We visited our local museum to see, amongst other things,  locally discovered fossils.

Mammoth tusks!

Apatosaurus vertebrae

The Boy finished the day by helping Mummy make meatballs for dinner.

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Stegosaurus Cake and Boiled Dinosaur Eggs

Ballet Girl whipped up a quick sponge cake with the Boy helping out.  She's a dab hand in the kitchen now and I'm so proud of her.

The Boy (with a little help from Mummy) cut the cake....

into a Stegosaurus shape...

...and then we ate it (perhaps we should have role played as a T-rex at this point).

Dino puzzle

I found this brilliant idea on the net somewhere.  Boil some eggs, crack them all over but don't take off the shell, leave them overnight in the fridge in food colouring and water.... make dinosaur eggs...

to eat for lunch :)

Ballet Girl made salt dough and everyone made fossils or dinosaur track waves.

We baked for 3 hours at 100C, ready for painting.

We measured the actual size of a T-rex footprint...

we painted...

..The Boy made a baby dinosaur and egg...

...and had fun with a bicarb and vinegar volcano.

They spent a happy hour doing races and 'working out' in the garden...

...and the highlight of their day was a visit from a much loved Uncle Anthony.