Sunday, 2 February 2014

Egyptian Bread, Archaeological Discoveries, Peg Crocodiles and Rather Large Lapbooks

Ballet Girl and Monkey Girl experimented with Egyptian bread making

This lovely thing spent two solid hours on the floor, making a great big Ancient Egypt lapbook.

I do love my kidlets.

I raided the play jewellery box and covered a few pretty bracelets in plaster of Paris...

...ready for the children to go on a Egyptian archaeological hunt in the morning. 

Some identified discoveries ready for the museum.

The Boy learnt about the net of a 3D shape...

...while making pyramids.

All four spent a happy morning role-playing Ancient Egyptians

Peg crocodiles from the Nile 

You have been told.

We explored a local market...

...which prompted some market play.

Time with cousins, family and friends.

This week we have also studied the life of Rachmaninov and listened to some of his work; read the story of Lambert Simnel - the fake prince and pretender to the throne; and danced to a funny Spanish song about elephants hanging about on cobwebs.

Panda Girl (8) is learning the names of farm animals in Spanish and has been spending hours creating with Fimo.

The Boy (4) is reading his second book, has had play-dates with friends, is learning his teen numbers and can climb really high up trees.

Monkey Girl (10) is teaching herself some new pieces on the piano as well as reading her way through every book known to man.

Ballet Girl (11) has been creating a Powerpoint presentation for her best friend and had begun preparing for her Confirmation next year.

The two eldest spent an evening at the fire station with their Sea Cadet unit.and they also spent a happy evening rock climbing at a nearby climbing centre.

The whole of our upstairs floor is covered in the latest Lego creations.

The three girls are preparing for a big ballet, tap and modern production next week, and also for tap and ballet exams.

And I have been chauffeuring, eating chocolate and enjoying my early daffodils, courtesy of my lovely husband.