Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Olympic Rings and Podiums

The Olympic Rings and their meaning.

Safety precautions for classroom bobsleigh: check.

Panda Girl used these cardboard rectangles... make an igloo.  Floor art = cool.

Our Olympic Ring painting progressed to snowmen

And then, of course, out came the podium...

...and the medals...

...and the bouquets....

...and the world's media.

Monkey Girl had quite a successful Winter Olympics.

Preparing for the luge.

We ended the day with some perspective drawing.  Here is Monkey Girl's clever street. More of this tomorrow I think.

Rehearsals for the big ballet and tap and modern dance production have begun in earnest with five hours at the theatre on Sunday, an hour and a half today, two hours tomorrow, two hours on Friday, a full rehearsal on Saturday and then the shows on Saturday night and all day Sunday.  We are pacing ourselves and looking forward to a week off next week!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Winter Olympics, Sochi 2014

Here's a taster of what we will be up to in the morning:
Figure Skating
Alpine Skiing
Ice Hockey
Building Snowmen

Winter sensory tray

Homemade worksheets for The Boy.  I love seeing how he progresses.  Matching letters and words now, adding and drawing etc.

A favourite Winter Olympic sport survey for The Boy to undertake with his sisters, the neighbours and friends he sees this week.

A Few Extras This Week

Monkey Girl spent every spare moment this week making balloon models...

...or reading her Top Gear book.  She's kind of cool.

The two eldest had a tap dancing exam with the Royal Academy of Dance.

All done!

The Boy helped his koala get well...

Panda Girl made sandwiches for her and her brother...

..and they've all helped out with chores.

We've worked steadily through workbooks...

...and had play-dates with friends and cousins.