Monday, 17 February 2014

Half Term Break (Woop!) and a Few Extras

St. Valentine's Day.  The kiddies made some gifts for our neighbour who recently lost her husband of 57 years.

My Boy loves the story Hugless Douglas and was almost beside himself when Hugless Douglas himself paid a visit to the library.

Pass the Parcel victor at a friend's party.

Following our manic weekend of dance shows, today was noted on the calendar as a lazy day. They mooched, they finally got dressed, they mooched some more.  This clever sausage made cookies...

...this cute one played by the window...

..this little man played with mini weapons...

...and this sunbeam made pony braids.

Hooray for mooching!

Panda Girl has discovered the joy that was my favourite childhood game: walking around the house, looking into a horizontal mirror so it looks like you're walking on the ceiling.  Did I need to get out more?

My Dancers

My girls, along with their friends and teachers at their dance school, have worked their socks off for six months in preparation for the most beautiful ballet production and a tap dancing and modern dancing show.  Last week saw 15 hours of final rehearsals, then a full performance on Saturday evening and two more on Sunday.  Proud Mama is an understatement.  I may have cried. They are all exhausted and ready for downtime - and so am I!  

Winter Olympics Thematic Unit

This was a week long unit for a bit of fun while we juggled the last 15 hours of rehearsals for the girls' dance show this weekend.  The children have enjoyed watching some of the extreme sports happening in Sochi and the have involved themselves every which way, minus flying out to Russia and/or having any snow.

I froze a tray of water overnight and the two youngest spent a happy hour ice skating their Octonauts and Hello Kittys (Kitties?!)