Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Quick Trip to South Africa

Passports at the ready, the kiddies headed off to South Africa today to look at the mountains...

...they cut out the shape of the country and used a contour map to recreate its mountainous regions, using easy peasy tissue paper.

They checked out some photos and facts about South Africa on Kids' National Geographic and the two eldest created a chart for its main crop growth.

Papa lived in Namibia for four years, with the occasional trip to South Africa, so we dug out some of his awe-inspiring photographs.

The Boy had a check up with his asthma nurse today.  He took his bag with his inhalers, spacers and asthma plan in and held the most adorable and responsible conversation with the nurse about when he uses his inhaler and when he needs it most.  He has grown 2cm and put on a whole kilo. I am so proud of him.

We finished our afternoon in the library, this evening my eldest daughter was promoted to a full Sea Cadet and my second eldest daughter is now in charge of all the Junior Sea Cadets.  They're so cool :)

Shrove Tuesday


Monday, 3 March 2014

African Collar Necklaces

The kiddies made these cute African collar necklaces this morning.  I love how their individuality comes out in these projects.

Ballet Girl made everyone a passport and they took a trip to Kenya...

...where we discussed it's location in East Africa and on the equator, with its coast on the Indian Ocean and the icy glaciers of Mount Kenya; that Nairobi is the capital and that it's a lot warmer than the UK!! 

We watched some great videos of Maasai tribes and the kiddies tried out some of their jumping dances!

Barney went on safari.

...Nanny lent us her sand rose from the Sahara...

...and The Boy learn how to balance African animals on scales.